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About Us

About Us

Have you ever had a good friend that you could confide in, tell them your troubles and get useful advice? A friend that is full of life, joy, and the glue that binds many friends together? A friend that is full of ideas and not afraid to try new things? Kim Allegrina was that friend to many people, until her life was sadly cut short by Ovarian Cancer in 2014 at the age of 51.

Kim was a published writer. Her book, “Literally….. Until Death”, published in 2012 and still available on Amazon, takes the reader on an up-close and personal look into the never discussed true world of chemotherapy side-effects.

Kim was also a prolific blogger. Her website and Facebook page were filled with many amazing pieces that ranged from light-hearted, witty observations about human nature to deep thoughts about this crazy world we are all trying to understand. Some of Kim’s best blogs were responses to questions from people, which were often complete strangers asking for her advice. At the end of each blog Kim would use the complimentary close:

~ Be Well My Friends

Several months after Kim passed in January of 2014, the first ever Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl was held. The first one was attended by 60 friends and raised $1,610 for the “Yes, Ma’am” program at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. The event has been held annually ever since, except 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown, on the second Saturday of October. Some years have been attended by 600+ zombies crawling around bars and pubs in Downtown Wyandotte and the Afterlife Party.

In eight years, the Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl events have raised over $84,000 for people, organizations and charities of the Downriver Area in need of financial assistance. Combined with our other events, such as First and Maple Acoustic Crawl and the Odd Fellow Concert Lounge, Be Well My Friends has raised funds for Downriver totaling over $100,000.

Organizations supporting well-being like “Yes, Ma’am” which provides free mammograms to uninsured women, the Wyandotte Soup Kitchen which provides free meals for all, and cultural organizations like Downriver Council for the Arts which advocates, promotes and provides opportunities for participation in the arts. Charities like Downriver Foster Closet which helps foster kids rebuild their self-esteem and adapt to their new home and Penrickton Center for Blind Children who specialize in working with legally blind children, ages one through twelve with at least one additional handicap. Lastly, individuals and families of Downriver who have fallen on hard times and need a little help to pay medical bills, rent/mortgage, food and other necessities.

Our non-profit was formed by friends of Kim Allegrina. Average people who wanted to carry on helping others in memory of her. When it came time to choose a name for our non-profit, there was only one choice….. ~Be Well My Friends : In Loving Memory of Kim Allegrina.