Fundraising for Downriver



“We raise up those that raise up others.” What does this mean?

Our mission is to create and host fun and unique fundraisers to provide financial support to people, organizations and charities of Downriver. Creating, decorating, and hosting the events have a cost to them. Be Well My Friends actively seeks financial sponsors to cover those costs, so that proceeds raised from ticket sales, raffles and donations at the events can go fully to where it is needed the most…. helping Downriver.

Be Well My Friends promotes the people and businesses that provide financial backing of our events. In turn we encourage the event attendees and public to support the businesses and to give recognition to the generous people of the Downriver Area.

Please use our Contact Us page to reach us if you would like to become a sponsor or make a donation.

Here is the sponsorship packages that we are offering for the 2023 Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl on Saturday, October 14th.