Fundraising for Downriver


Penrickton Center for Blind Children


“Yes, Ma’am”

Be Well My Friends financial support of our organization has helped to provide comfort and care to hundreds of women from the Downriver Area. We are now able to not only provide free breast cancer screenings, but also scalp cooling systems to help reduce hair loss during chemotherapy, stylish wigs, compression sleeves for neuropathy, and self-care gift bags. Please support the many fun crowd-fundraising events that they put on annually to benefit “Yes, Ma’am” and other great organizations and charities of Downriver.” ~ Dr. David Wolf

Downriver Foster Closet

Be Well My Friends has made a huge impact on helping kids in foster care. Not only have they been so supportive in our events they also raised money for us to help give out book bags and school supplies. They are amazing and we couldn’t do what we do without them.” ~ Charity Bronson